Mat started his musical training at a young age playing the piano, trumpet, and singing. But it wasn't until the age of 13 when he took up the bass guitar that he found his neiche.


In 1998 he began studying at Royal College of Music in London, here he formed his own jazz quartet and started to gig. They worked together on a very regular basis and recorded an album early in 1999.


In 2000 he moved his studies to Trinity College of Music to concentrate on the bass. There he studied under Geoff Gascoyne and Steve Watts. While there he joined with Andrés Prado and formed the Andrés Prado Trio with which he toured Peru in early 2003.


He graduated from Trinity in 2003 and is now living in London and working with many different bands including the Denny Wise Band, Manhattan, and the Marcella Puppini Quartet.


In the last few years Mat has concentrated most of his efforts on 'Musicals' having been depping on many shows including 'Footloose' (West End and UK Tour), 'Beyond Broadway', and 'Kings of Swing' before embarking on the UK tour of 'Annie'.


In early 2007 Mat set out on the UK tour of 'The Producers' and is currently on the first leg of this tour, twelve weeks in Manchester. He is taking the free day time that this tour provides to concentrate on projects that he has always wanted to get off the ground. Watch this space!